Biodiversity Conservation

Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)

The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) is a regional non-profit technical institute dedicated to working at multiple levels to develop, test, promote and support local, national and regional efforts aimed at improving the management of natural resources and the livelihoods of those who depend on them, through inclusive, participatory approaches.  CANARI works across all of the islands of the Caribbean.

Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine

 Founded in 1992 FoProBiM is an apolitical, non-governmental, non-profit organization headquartered in Haiti and was officially recognized by the Haitian government in 1995 as a foundation working on environment issues in the areas of sustainable development, education, research, monitoring, and advocacy.

Bahamas National Trust

The Bahamas National Trust was created by an Act of Parliament in 1959 to build and manage the national park system of the Bahamas. Possibly the only non-governmental organization in the world charged with such a responsibility.



A comprehensive system of national parks and protected areas with every Bahamian embracing environmental stewardship. 


To conserve and protect the natural resources of The Bahamas, through stewardship and education for present and future generations.